Full HD, WDR, 18x Optical, Speed Dome IP Camera

Micronet SP5923 Full HD Speed Dome IP Camera is equipped with high quality SONY progressive scan CMOS sensor. Due to its HDTV 1080p performance and auto-focused 18x zoom lens, Micronet SP5923 provides an exceptional level of detail in zoomed-in images. In addition, the SP5923 does not only provide the extra advantage of a wider, 16:9 field of view, but is also outdoor ready, weather-proof, IP66-related, and supports up to 60 fps in HDTV 720p, delivering perfect video for the capture of quick movements. Micronet SP5923 can automatically move, very fast at up to 400° per second, to a pre-set position to capture and identify the objects. For instance, to capture and identify a vehicle license plate or a human face as the motion is detected in a pre-defined area.
With its powerful video processing capability, Micronet SP5923 Full HD Speed Dome IP Camera can deliver real-time, H.264, dual streams, 1080p and D1, at 30 frames per second, where H.264 compression technology greatly optimizes bandwidth and storage usage without compromising the image quality.
Micronet SP5923 Full HD Speed Dome IP Camera supports day-and-night function and adopts digital noise reduction technology, which could effectively reduce environment noise, to assure optimal video quality, especially at night time. Moreover, the SP5923 provides WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) feature to make it possible for excellent visibility of objects in any challenging lighting conditions that the dark and the bright areas co-exist in a scene. With 360° endless pan and -10 ° ~ 190° tilt, the SP5923 is robustly built for constant pan/tilt/zoom movements and supports a tour recording functionality that makes it easy to set up automatic guard tour operations.






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Full HD, WDR, 18x Optical, Speed Dome IP Camera
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