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Product Warranty Policy

1.1 All Products purchased from ENDY AUSTRALIA (ENDY) are categorized as "Third Party Products" and are subject to the warranties and representations of the respective manufacturers.
ENDY offers a "Limited Warranty" to the original purchasers
in Australia who acquire any products directly from ENDY or through authorized ENDY resellers. This limited warranty is non- transferable.
1.3 ENDY warrants that its products, when solely purchased in Australia through ENDY or an Authorized Reseller; will be free from defects in materials and workmanship affecting normal use. This warranty is valid for a specified period referred to as the "Warranty Period". The duration of the Warranty Period varies based on the product brand and is outlined in the accompanying table below:

1.4 The Warranty Period commences from the date indicated on the invoice for the product from ENDY Australia. The dated ENDY Invoice serves as proof of purchase. Customers may be required to provide either proof of purchase or the device's serial number to avail themselves of warranty service. In cases where the purchase date is not documented, the manufacture date will be considered the commencement of the Warranty Period. During this timeframe, ENDY will undertake repair or replacement defective products returned to the relevant manufacturers.
The Limited Warranty provided by ENDY 
does not cover the following:
(a) Products that have been incurred damage, faults, failures, or malfunctions due to external causes, such as alteration, modification, tampering, negligence, faulty installation, inadequate care, accidents, misuse, issue related to electrical power, unauthorized servicing, usage, storage and/or installation not in accordance with the product instructions, failure to perform required preventive maintenance, normal wear and tear, acts of nature, fires, floods, wars, acts of violence, or similar events, or damages sustained during shipment.

(b) Products that bear missing or altered Service Tags or serial numbers; any attempt by individuals other than ENDY personnel or those authorized by ENDY to adjust, repair, or service the products; operational adjustments as covered in the product's operating manual, and standard maintenance.

(c) Any hardware, software, firmware, or other products or services supplied by entities other than ENDY.

(d) Software programs, batteries, cables, or other accessories provided with the products.

(e) Products acquired from inventory clearance, liquidation sales, or other sales where ENDY, the sellers, or the liquidators expressly disclaim their warranty obligations.

(f) Any repairs performed by anyone other than ENDY will void this Warranty.

The Customer must prepay all shipping and transportation charges for Warranty Products and insure the shipment or accept the risk of loss or damage during such shipment and transportation. ENDY will ship repaired or replacement products to the Customer, with freight prepaid.
1.7 Any repaired or replacement products will be warranted for the remainder of the original Warranty Period. All products and parts that are replaced become the property of ENDY.


For further information about our freight services policy, please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sales.


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