1080p HD WDR Box IP Camera 1080p HD WDR Box IP Camera

Micronet SP5563A box IP camera provides high definition video monitoring with superior image quality and detail. It also delivers HD 1080p (1920*1080) resolution with excellent color representation and advanced WDR technology for challenging lighting conditions. SP5563A supports dual streaming in HD quality with the first stream recording in 1080p and the second stream for Live view in 720p. In addition, C/CS mount lens support and digital I/O port adds more flexibility to meet various installation requirements. HD cameras are perfect for securing areas where accurate identification is necessary, such as vehicle license plate recognition and facial recognition. These cameras are also suitable for wide area coverage while retaining clear image quality.
*No SD/SDHC Card Slot & Local Storage Function for Argentina






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1080p HD WDR Box IP Camera 1080p HD WDR Box IP Camera
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