Nebula Cloud Managed Security Gateway

The Zyxel Nebula Cloud Managed Security Gateway is built with remote management and ironclad security for organizations with multiple distributed sites. With an extensive suite of security features including ICSAcertifi ed fi rewall, IPsec VPN connectivity, Intrusion Detection Prevention (IDP) and Application Patrol, Content Filtering as well as Anti-virus the NSG provides deep, extensive protection to meet everything that small- to midsized businesses need.

As the Zyxel Nebula Security Gateway has been designed from the ground up to be cloud managed, installation and management is as simple as 1-23. Through Nebula’s cloud interface, administrators can create site-wide policies and monitor all branch sites effortlessly, even without training.
Key Features:
  • Quickly and easily deployed in any remote location which is done through nearly zerstro touching cloud provisioning
  • Easy set up and simple management
  • zero touching virtual private network connections
  • streamedlined policy features for a faster, easier and more consistent policy settings.
  • Effective network protection




Product Name:
Nebula Cloud Managed Security Gateway
Product Code:
Made in Taiwan

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