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Design & Consolidation Services
  At Endy our main goal is to ensure our clients networks solutions are:- 

  • Flexible - Products are able to extend as networks grow.
  • Compatibility - Our products can work with most IEEE standard compatible third part vendor.
  • Reliable - Quality hardware with feature-rich networking devices.

 We deliver this by providing consultation to our clients cross vendor within our product range. Our local network lab ensures that the solutions we provide are guareenteed!

 We can help you if:- 

  • You are starting a new venture and are in need of a state of the art network design plan.
  • Your current network system has become a bit bulky and you are unsure how to consolidate.
  • You need some advice for a customer on how to better integrate their system?

 Endy has come up with with tailored network solutions for all industries big and small. Our individually customised solutions will help minimise your downtime and help grow your business.

 Want to find out more?
Email us at sales@endy.com.au or call us on 1300-725-323.


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