Networks Solutions - 2020-03-20
Zyxel Security Gateway VPN Matrix

Cloud or stand along VPN Gateway with high default VPN tunnels for no extra licence cost.
While NBN roll out more converge that it is time to have quick look see if the Gateway is able to handle the traffic. Concurrent VPN connection for SMBs is become a critical point especially while the Corona Virus situation. Zyxel
  • With option Nabula Cloude Service it will enhances the remote support as well as minima the installation time frame.
  • SD-WAN VPN load balance in between mutiple ISP will also maxmia
 Unified Security Gateway 

SD-WAN IpSec VPN tunnels
VPN throughput WAN
USG40/W - 20 100Mbps 2x
USG60/W - 40 180Mbps 2x
USG110 - 100 400Mbps 2x
USG210 - 200 500Mbps 2x
USG310 - 300 650Mbps 8x
Advanced VPN Firewall with SD-WAN
VPN50 Yes 50 150Mbps 2x
VPN100 Yes 100 500Mbps 2x
VPN300 Yes 300 1000Mbps 7x
VPN1000 Yes 1000 1500Mbps 12x