Product Update - 2020-03-13
Zyxel's Nebula SD-WAN achieves bandwidth breakthrough for SMBs

This game-changing, time-saving achievement—a nearly twenty-fold increase in speed when compared with a non-optimized connection—is the result of Zyxel's persistent efforts to refine optimization design and enhance aggregation capabilities. The fleet footed solution also provides invaluable, user-friendly features like auto VPN and self-service maintenance for quick, effortless management. Includes an array of upgraded security components, the Nebula SD-WAN will continue to keep sensitive data safe and sound.

Unprecedented speed for SMBs

「The Nebula SD-WAN』s performance was more than impressive, stated Inchen Lin, AVP of Zyxel's SD-WAN Business Center, when asked about a series of recent client deployments that confirmed the throughput gains. 「A non-optimized, two-gigabit data transfer from Taiwan to Germany had been in excess of three hours. Now, thanks to our team's tireless work, it's under 10 minutes. Since many SMBs require site-to-site transfers considerably larger than two gigabits, we believe that our optimization is more than just a perk—it's a necessity!

This level of speed until now has not been available in the SMB market—can primarily be attributed to the fine-tuning of features like TCP acceleration, latency migration, and packet loss mitigation, but can also be traced to WAN aggregation. The ability to fuse multiple links together transforms the network into a high-capacity data expressway that dramatically improves traffic flow efficiency and fault tolerance.

Streamlined design saves time

The breathtaking power of the Nebula SD-WAN is harnessed by user-friendly features like auto VPN, which leverages the native VPN client of the operating system to provide secure, installation-free connectivity. Site-to-site VPN deployment was once complex and time-consuming; now it's simple and hassle-free. This trend toward the streamlined is also found in the SD-WAN's self-service feature set, which includes ping, traceroute, USB modem reset, and packet capture. Not only does the reduction of manual configuration and management limit the chances of human error, it removes the costly requirement of having IT administrators stationed at multiple sites.

State-of-the-art security to safeguard data

The Nebula SD-WAN has added yet another layer of protection to its already formidable array of security features: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Calmly working its magic under the solution's surface, the digital safeguard delivers enterprise-level encryption and authentication that are tailor-made for the finance and government sectors—or any industry where highly sensitive data needs to remain under lock and key at all costs. It's a must-have in a time of exponentially growing network threats.

Stunning transfer speeds. A rich, evolving feature set. Simple and elegant usability. Rock-solid security. The Nebula SD-WAN offers all this and more, further cementing Zyxel's status as an emerging leader in the network revolution that is SD-WAN.

For more information about the Nebula SD-WAN, please visit: Experience a live demo of the Nebula Orchestrator, the Nebula SD-WAN's centralized management platform, via Zyxel's Nebula landing page: