Wireless Application/ EnGenius Managed Indoor Wireless

EnGenius Managed Indoor Wireless

Simplified Network Management

Achieve network management, visibility, and troubleshooting locally through the switch's onboard Web interface tools. Establish event-based email alerts for notifications of predetermined activities.

In-Depth Network Topology & Troubleshooting

Network Topology View automatically maps the network deployment to display device relationships across the infrastructure. Troubleshoot issues without manual tracking, and access the management interface of other EWS Switches directly from Topology View with QuickLink.

High-Performance Gigabit & Dedicated SFP Slots

Provide reliable Gigabit access for networked devices and reduce delays that interrupt communications. Extend the wired network beyond the limitations of Ethernet cabling with Gigabit SFP slots that accept fiber transceivers. Connect school buildings or wired network segments throughout buildings.

Ensure Smooth Voice & Video Services

Segment the network by departments or traffic types for increased performance and security with 802.1Q VLAN. 802.1p Class of Service (CoS) prioritizes compliant VoIP and video traffic ensuring bandwidth intensive and time-sensitive data is forwarded immediately for clear, smooth voice and video delivery.

Local Wireless AP Management With Built-In Tools

Quickly discover, configure and managed up to 50 Neutron EWS APs and cameras within the local subnet through a suite of onboard tools without the burden of expensive AP licenses or subscription fees.

Centrally Manage the Wired & Wireless Network via ezMaster

Centrally manage an entire infrastructure of hundreds of EWS devices across the network regardless of size of location without licensing or subscription fees. Monitor separate networks through a single console view and improve operational efficiencies.

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