Wireless Application/ PTP 60GHz wireless with hight capacity 1G/2.5Gbp+

PTP 60GHz wireless with hight capacity 1G/2.5Gbp+

Over 7 GHz of noise-free spectrum

A massive amount of noise free spectrum (7 – 14 GHz*) makes the 60 GHz band ideal for high throughput point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications. The demand for increased bandwidth grows every day as commonly used licensed and unlicensed frequencies become over saturated, making it difficult to deploy high speed, low-latency wireless links.

Highly secure and great for frequency re-use

The 60 GHz band is characterized as being highly affected by oxygen absorption which means signals transmitted from a 60GHz radio will not travel as far as other frequencies. Frequency re-use makes the products ideal, not only for open rural areas, but also dense urban deployments. In addition, colocation of multiple units on a single tower is possible due to narrow beamwidths which are achieved through both high gain directional antennas as well as focused beamforming technology. These advantages show that 60 GHz products avoid the self-interference issues typically seen within other frequencies, and ensure increased security of your multi-gigabit wireless links.

High-gain but small form factor

High frequency antennas are much smaller in size and have higher gains when compared to the same sized lower frequency antennas. 60 GHz devices therefore will not overcrowd your poles, rooftops or towers. When installed in residential applications, MetroLinq devices are also less easily noticed by home owners.

Integrated 5 GHz failover

Because 60 GHz radio waves are affected by rain, IgniteNet MetroLinq products have a built-in 5 GHz radio that works as a failover. This backup mechanism seamlessly changes the frequency as needed for robust operation in any climate or rain zone.

LinqPath – 60 GHz link calculator

The LinqPath tool allows you to estimate the throughput and max distance of your 60 GHz links under different weather conditions (different ITU rain rates) at multiple link availability rates (from 99% to 99.999%). This tool is available within the IgniteNet Cloud controller and only requires initial registration for use.

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