Wireless Application/ Easy, powerful, & affordable cloud-managed WiFi

Easy, powerful, & affordable cloud-managed WiFi

Product Overview
IgniteNet’s Cloud solution is an easy-to-use cloud-based controller solution that lets you affordably monitor, manage, and provision your IgniteNet products.

Key Features and Benefits

Powerful, Flexible Configuration

All configuration options available through the normal web configuration UI is available at the cloud. This means you can setup routing, client mode, VLANs... whatever you need!

Simple Device Registration
Plug in your AP’s network cable to the internet; add your AP’s serial number to your cloud account, and you’re ready to go! Your AP will automatically provision itself.

The IgniteNet Core Cloud plan is available at a flat price of only $99/year for unlimited licenses. This is the lowest cost option on the market! Two trial device licenses per cloud are always free.

No Maintenance!
We handle all server maintenance, failover, and backups for you. You never have to touch any hardware nor install finicky software packages.


Multi-Site And Multi‐Cloud Support

•    Multiple sites can be created within each cloud account
•    Each site has its own distinct set of configuration segments, users, maps, and other properties
•    Cloud users’ logins can be associated with any number of clouds, and can have different roles under each cloud

Powerful, Flexible Configuration
•    Choose between bulk (site-level) and individual device-level configuration options
•    Need flexibility? Override site-level settings on a per-device basis, and restore to site-level defaults later
•    Devices will revert to a previous working configuration if a non-working configuration is pushed down (i.e. an invalid network config is applied)
•    Two-way synchronization: Any changes made to a device via the device’s local web configuration GUI are also synchronized with the cloud
•    Most configuration options that are available in stand-alone mode are also available on the cloud
•    An “Express” configuration mode is available for super-quick setup

Advanced Configuration Options

•    Wireless interfaces can run AP/Client/Client WDS modes with flexible bridging and routing
•    VLAN tagging, “Smart Guest Isolation”, band steering, and captive portal support are other examples of advanced features that the IgniteNet cloud can offer

Remote Firmware Upgrade
•    Upgrade multiple devices at one time
•    Schedule firmware upgrades to run at a future date
•    Choose the rolling upgrade option to ensure only small parts of your network are offline at any given time
•    Dual flash prevents firmware upgrades from going wrong

Alerts & Monitoring
•    Email alerts are generated when devices go offline or require your attention

Device Registration & Licensing
•    Registration is simple and quick - only 1 or 2 minutes required per device (depending on your configuration style choice)
•    All licenses are floating and are not tied to a specific device

Historical Statistics

•    Client counts per wireless interface (SSID) over time
•    Channel utilization per wireless radio over time
•    Throughput rates per wireless interface (SSID) and wired interface over time
•    Current networking status and traffic details
•    Client session information
•    Your cloud license choice determines the length of time your data will be available on our system

Live Statistics & Interaction
•    Live data on the device dashboard comes directly from the device over a near real- time connection
•    View data straight from the device: client counts, throughput rates per interface, uptime, load, channel utilization, and more
•    Interact directly with your device:
Reboot device with the click of a button
Blink LEDs for location finding purposes
Initiate a remote packet capture

User Roles
•    Administrator/Owner Role: Full control of a cloud and its sites
•    Manager: Full write access to a specified list of sites
•    Guest: Read-only access to a specified list of sites; excluding access to sensitive information, like passwords.

Secure, Robust Architecture

•    TLS-encrypted device-to-controller communication
•    Your data is secure and always kept private
•    Highly scalable - there is no limit to the number of devices or sites you can add to your cloud
•    Local and off-site backups for each datacenter

Audit Trail
•    All changes made to your cloud are recorded in a system activity log



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