Small & Median Business / Multi-vendor VLAN office application

Multi-vendor VLAN office application

Separate secure network

4 separate network are  ready to use as you plug into the pre-configured switch: local office network, WiFi network, VoIP phone network and CCTV network.

Remote management

Gateway can be accessed and managed remotely which helps minimise cost of travelling and enhance work efficiency.

Reliable VPN

Gateway comes with VPN server that reduces possibility of internet breaches and cyber attacks. It also allows employees to connect to company network from home and hence increase productivity.

One click enabling port forwarding

Port forwarding can be enabled with one click to remotely access devices behind the gateway such as web server and CCTV.

Secure firewall

Robust firewall has been configured with comprehensive policy rules to protect the network and boost the performance.

Cross-vendor compatibility

This solution includes a ZyXEL USG40 gateway, a EdgeCore ECS2100-28T web smart switch and a EnGenius EAP1300 access point. These products are cross-vendor compatible with each other and with high performance.

NBN ready

The ZyXEL gateway is NBN ready which comes with gigabit Ethernet ports. PPPoE is also available that only simple configuration is needed.

Please contact us for the setup installation guide, configuration file and more information.



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