Harsh Environment Networking/ Power Over Ethernet Range

Power Over Ethernet Range

Allow Ethernet to distribute digital power via Power over Ethernet for your digital device. Reliable Power over Ethernet will extend the life-time and maximize performance of your PD device.

Green Saving PoE switch will reduce heat generated from the device. It will also apply to 802.1az standard such as CCTV applications, VoIP, and wireless applications.

A PoE appliance or device can be located anywhere without the need for AC outlets. Wireless LAN access points can be located on, near ceilings, to fine tune optimum RF reception. Most customers find this advantageous as access points are more effective on the ceiling, out of reach from an AC outlet.

Gigabit Combo Ports (SFP)
PoE Power Budget
802.3at PoE+
L2+ MGT Fanless Design
SMCFS801P 8 - - 130W YES - YES
SMCFS1601P 16 - - 200W YES - YES
SMCGS801P - 8 - 130W YES - YES
ECS2100-10PE - 8 2 65W YES YES YES
ECS2100-10P - 8 2 120W YES YES YES
ECS2100-28P - 24 2 200W YES YES YES
ECS2100-28PP - 24 2 370W/740W* YES YES YES
ECS4110-52P - 48 4 410W YES YES -

Releated products

10/100/1000 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet PoE Switch (200W)
EZ Switch™ Unmanaged 8-Ports 10/100 Full Power PoE+
EZ Switch™ Unmanaged 8-Ports 10/100/1000 PoE+
24 x GE PoE+ + 4 GE SFP Web Smart Pro Switch PoE Budget max 370W (expand to 740W with EPS460W), 1 RJ45 Console port
24 x GE PoE+ + 4 GE SFP Web Smart Pro Switch, PoE Budget max.200W, 1 RJ45 Console port
8 x GE PoE+ 2 x GE SFP ports Web Smart Switch, Power budget 65W, External Power
8 x GE PoE+ + 2 GE SFP Web Smart Pro Switch, PoE Budget max.125W, 1 RJ45 Console port, Fanless design



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