Unified Security Gateway w/10 VPN Tunnels, SSL VPN, High Availability

The Internet can be a dangerous place. It seems new threats to network security and employee efficiency emerges with each passing day. Malware can incapacitate workstations, and DoS attacks can bring your entire network screeching to a halt. Even applications such as P2P, IM, and Social networks can eat up bandwidth, crippling network speeds and employee productivity.

The ZyWALL USG50 is here to solve those problems.

With the USG50's Multi-layer threat protection, you can be rest assured that your network is secure. ZyWALL's Application Patrol gives you detailed control over the applications allowed to run on your network, while the built-in 180Mbps throughput firewall and Kaspersky anti-virus protect your network from malware, DoS attacks, phishing, Trojan horses, and other threats.

Built with powerful Integrated High Performance Security architecture designed for Gigabit connections, a VPN Throughput of 90Mbps, a UTM throughput of 24Mbps, up to 10,000 max sessions and 5 concurrent IPSec VPN tunnels, the USG50 has the power to monitor and protect your network without sacrificing network performance. And with a 5 year, industry-leading hardware warranty, you'll be able to count on your USG50 to watch over your network's safety for a long, long time.

With 4x Gigabit LAN/DMZ and 2x Gigabit WAN interfaces you can load balance and failover multiple ISP links, allowing you to safeguard even the largest high-bandwidth environments.

With ZyWALL USG50, you can rest easy knowing that your network is safe, secure, and wholly under your control.



ORDERING INFORMATION Unified Security Gateway w/10 VPN Tunnels, SSL VPN, High Availability
Product Code: ZyWALL USG 50

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