Managed Industrial PoE Plus Ethernet Switch 2-port IEEE 802.3at PoE Plus + 2-slot Gigabit SFP

The INS-8622P managed industrial switch is a Power Source Equipment (PSE) device engineered with rugged hardware to meet the high reliability requirements of Industrial or Outdoor PoE applications. Built in a well-protected IP-30 aluminium housing, the switch withstands wide operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to 75°C and operates consistently even in harsh industrial environments. The INS-8622P supports QoS, IGMP snooping, SFP DDMI, PoE and other device management features to fulfill the needs of high performance managed surveillance networks. 
Robust Performance and Protection 
INS-8622P is built with various protection features such as ESD Protection (8KV), Surge Protection (6KV), Over Voltage/Current Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection and Short Circuit Protection to ensure continuous operation of mission-critical applications even in unstable power conditions.

High-Power Budget for PoE Network Devices 
With 60W PoE power budget capability for the whole system, INS-8622P allows simple “plug and play” PoE for various types of high power consuming PoE devices.

Innovative PoE+ for Powered Devices 
INS-8622P is designed with intelligent PoE+ features to utilize power more efficiently.

DIN Rail to Power Adapter (AC to DC) & Terminal Block 
“DIN-Rail Power Adapter” function is the primary power source which converts AC to DC for board operation, while “6-pin Terminal Block” supports primary and secondary power input.

Redundant and Resilient Network with Dual SFP Ports 
INS-8622P incorporates two gigabits fiber slots configured as ring ports to provide link redundancy in fiber based ring architecture networks, or daisy chain to extend distance in surveillance systems.

Efficient network monitoring and proactive capability 
INS-8622P supports the most accepted and enhanced traffic management, monitoring and analying protocols such as SNMP and RMON.




ORDERING INFORMATION Managed Industrial PoE Plus Ethernet Switch 2-port IEEE 802.3at PoE Plus + 2-slot Gigabit SFP
Product Code: INS-8622P

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