New Product Announcement - 2018-09-25
IgniteNet Glinq Ethernet over coax converter

The Ignite GLinq is a powerful ethernet over coax converter that allows gigabit speeds to be delivered via existing and new coax cabling infrastructure. The GLinq is designed for providing gigabit bandwidth to both buildings using outdoor coax and within buildings using existing coax cabling infrastructure.  GLinq is available in indoor and outdoor versions to accommodate different environments. The integrated 2.4GHz WiFi simplifies remote management of rooftop devices and provides WiFi access to guests by the same device. Also, up to 15 client converters can be connected to a master GLinq unit for sharing gigabit connectivity throughout the building using coaxial splitters.  One device can be applied in many applications as shown below:

MDU: deliver high speed internet in multi-tenant houses using existing coax infrastructure and solve the rooftop wireless backhaul powering problem at the same time.

Hub/relay: connect various locations with 1+ Gbps speeds and ensuring power and redundancy at the same time.

Tower: Save cost by using coax for power and transmission as well as longer distance (100m+) over the standard Ethernet.

Video surveillance:  re-use old coax infrastructure to migrate from analogue to IP cameras and save the wireless spectrum for other applications.

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