Product Update - 2017-06-28
Our Range of PoE Switches

We provide high quality PoE switches that meet the 802.3af/at standard (15.4W~30W/60W). Our range is widely compatible with most standard PD devices purchased from local markets. Our tough temperature PoE switches are available now to provide industrial stability in order to cope in Australia's environment.

*802.3af 15.4W, 802.3at 30W
SMCFS801P (130W) 8-port 130W 10/100 8x 802.3af
4x 802.3at
Buget small office easy PoE application
SMCGS801P (130W) 8-port 130W Gigabit 8x 802.3af
4x 802.3at
Gigabit high performerce easy PoE application
ECS2100-10PE(65W) 8-port Smart Gigabit 8x 802.3af
4x 802.3at
Smart office with management compact wall mount design
ECS2100-10P(130W) 8-port Smart Gigabit 8x 802.3af
4x 802.3at
Edge-core Classic 8-port PoE switch with full power PoE
ECS2100-28P(200W) 24-port Smart Gigabit 12x 802.3af
6x 802.3at
24-port PoE for miden size office
ECS2100-28PP(370W~740W) 24-port Smart Gigabit 24x 802.3af
24x 802.3at
Up to 24-port with all 802.3at(30W)
INDUSTRIAL Wide Temperature PoE+
INS-8622P(70W) -40°C to 75°C 2x 802.3af
2x 802.3at

Unmanaged 2-port IEEE 802.3at PoE Plus + 2-slot Gigabit SFP 

INS-8424P(130W) -40°C to 75°C 4x 802.3af
4x 802.3at
Unmanaged 4-port IEEE 802.3at PoE Plus + 2-slot Gigabit SFP 

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